Monthly Subcriptions


All the prices listed here are paid monthly for a course of treatments for a minimum of a 6 month period. The cost varies depending on the type of tech-based aesthetics treatments. Each treatment includes a Skin Facial treatment: this includes cleansing, massage, exfoliation, and as a bonus for the subscription each treatment includes Red Light Therapy  [LED]. On average each treatment takes 60-75 mins.

Skin Monthly Treatment Subscriptions

Upkeep Club

£225 per month

Treatment every 6 weeks
Micro-Needling [Serum]
HIFU [Focused Area]
Micro-Needling [Radio Frequency]

Priority Member

£325 per month

Treatment every 4-6 weeks
Micro-Needling [Serum]
HIFU [Half Face Lift]
Micro-Needling [Radio Frequency]

Bespoke Skin + Body

From £495 per month

Face and Body treatment every 4-6 weeks
Micro-Needling [Serum]
Micro-Needling [Radio Frequency]
HIFU [Half Face Lift] + HIFU [Small Area]

Skin Monthly Subscriptions

Collagen Stimulation And Natural Face Lift Treatments

The three options are based on a combination of tech-based aesthetics treatments. Do NOT worry you do not need to choose. Book in for a Skin Treatment as that includes a consultation and the right SKIN Club option will be recommended to you based on your skin health and the amount of time and money you want to invest in your skin.

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