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For over 50 year olds who want to naturally slow down the pace of ageing skin.

Skin Treatments

With over ten years of micro-needling and HIFU face treatments skin clinic experience, my approach is to create individual treatment protocols for people to improve skin health for long-lasting, successful results that appear in weeks and last a lifetime.

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Perfect for those looking for someone they can trust with a natural approach to slowing down the effects of ageing by improving all skin concerns rather than just focusing on one area.

Jen Adams | Skin Therapist

Skin Clinic Leamington

Jen Adams' Clinic is on Park Street in Leamington Spa [behind the black door] opposite Elsie. Park Street is easily accessible from many parts of Warwickshire, including Rugby, Coventry and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Park Street has a multi-storey car park – a minute’s walk from the private clinic. 

Jen created the private health clinic from old office space - it's open and bright. The treatment room is perfect, clean yet cosy.

With some fantastic wallpaper!

The reception area is where you can comfortably sit and chat with Jen about your nutrition, skin, skincare, and treatment plan without anyone else around. 

It's an appointment-only system, so the attention is on your comfort and treatment 100%. 

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The other treatment room is for creating articles and videos for the YouTube channel.

Skin Clinic Leamington Spa

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

What is different at the skin health clinic is that you won't find a long treatment list; You do not decide which non-invasive skin treatment is best, Jen Adams will do that for you...

Every skin treatment in the skin clinic focuses on lifting, tightening, and toning your skin with natural collagen and elastin stimulation.

If you want to learn more about individual treatment, please read about the best Micro-needling, Mesotherapy, Radio FrequencyHIFU Face treatments in the private skin clinic Leamington Spa Warwickshire.

If you want Jen Adams to help you improve your skin with non-invasive skin treatments and you do not know where to start - please book treatment as consultation is included! 

You will start with either skin rejuvenation plan, which is perfect for improving overall skin health and the first signs of ageing and is ideal when your skin has lost tone on the jawline and neck so you need tightening and lifting too.

Skin Rejuvenation Plan have been created to get the best results most cost-effectively and efficiently to naturally slow down the effects of ageing. 

Facial Skin Treatments

The approach is based on your skin health and focuses on collagen stimulation treatments, which I prefer to call pro-ageing skin protocols, reflecting your skin concerns rather than just a relaxing facial.

Your skin health is how your skin cells communicate with each other during their life cycle. Each skin treatment has an cumulative effect as they enhance the communication of the current cycle which improves the quality of next months skin cell health.

Hence improving your skin at a cellular level ensures the treatments target your future skin to keep you looking younger for longer and reduce the effects of ageing - naturally!


Ideal for...

For all skin concerns, for example, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, and blemishes. Stimulates collagen and is the best skin treatment for all skin rejuvenation needs. 

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Ideal for...

Skin that lacks tone and needs a lift, for example under chin fat reduction, saggy jawline and neck. 

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Ideal for...

Thin skin that needs tightening, for example, crepey neck creases on décolletage, crows feet and eyebrow lift.

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You can improve your skin and help to keep it looking younger by regularly exfoliating with a gentle liquid exfoliator [Gluconolactone Acid]

Taking a hyaluronic acid supplement or applying it topically helps it attract and retain moisture. You can also have anti-ageing treatments like mesotherapy and micro-needling – both trigger an inflammatory response that stimulates the natural production of collagen.

The best anti-ageing tip is to regularly exfoliate with a gentle liquid exfoliator.

Then to help your skin naturally build collagen have regular, every 6- 8 weeks, skin treatments that trigger an inflammatory response.

It also helps if you keep your body hydrated and take a combination of vitamins and minerals, either in food supplements or by using serums and creams.

Professional skin advice is to have a facial every month to maintain a short skin cell turnover cycle. This provides strength in your skin cell and prevents the build-up of thick dull skin cells. 

A skin facial will improve the condition of your skin each time and the effects can be cumulative. It removes dead skin cells to brighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, then replenishes lost nutrients for a younger, fresher look.

Jen Adams is a Functional Health Expert with ten years of clinical experience. She specialises in the natural approach to slowing down the pace of ageing with skin rejuvenation treatments such as mesotherapy, micro-needling, radio frequency, and HIFU face treatments that improve skin tone.

The facial treatments rejuvenate the skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and firm and tone the skin around the neck, jawline, chin, and eyes, giving the effect of a natural facelift without constant injections.

The foundation of Jen's knowledge of skin health comes from being a registered nutritional therapist and experienced online nutritionist who gives honest, professional advice about the best way to slow down the effects of ageing for her clients.

As she offers functional nutrition advice on improving skin cell turnover, health longevity and lifelong optimal wellness.

Jen Adams

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