Celluma Light Therapy

Best LED Light Therapy In Leamington Spa

Celluma light therapy is a clinically proven non-invasive skin treatment for ageing skin by collagen stimulation to tighten and improve overall tone.

LED light therapy is No 5 of the best solutions for ageing skin.  As became widely known as a safe method of treating many skin concerns from acne to ageing skin.

What is Celluma Light Therapy?

Unlike laser-based treatments such as intense pulsed light (IPL), LED light therapy uses various wavelengths of light to trigger the skin’s natural regeneration function. This offers an excellent solution for skin problems such as dermatitis, rosacea, and sun damage and for clients looking to rejuvenate their skin texture, tighten tissues, or improve the skin’s overall tone.


Skin Cell Regeneration
Collagen Stimulation
Safe and Effective
Increase Skin Cell Strength
Reduce Signs of Aging
Relaxing and Effective Treatment
Celluma Light Therapy

How does LED Light Therapy Work?

LED Light Therapy is various wavelengths of light, blue and red, which penetrate the skin at different depths. Each colour is designed for specific skincare concerns, with red being used for anti-aging and inflammation and blue for acne treatment.

Depending on the desired skincare goals, LED Therapy involves several wavelengths of light which can penetrate the skin at different depths. In particular, red LED light acts directly on fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for collagen production.

Over time, the body produces less collagen, causing the skin to show signs of aging, like age spots and wrinkles. Treating the fibroblasts with red LED light plays a key role in reconnecting skin tissues and reducing the chances of skin inflammation.

Celluma Light Therapy

There are various home Led Masks and Professional Devices. The Celluma Light Therapy is the chosen one. Its FDA-approved light therapy treatment and treats your skin at a cellular level. Drawing upon NASA research, it converts light into energy that accelerates skin recovery, increases elasticity, evens out the skin tone, and fights bacteria and toxins. By penetrating the skin painlessly, Celluma Light Therapy restores vitality to damaged cells and boosts cellular recovery quickly and efficiently. 

Celluma is more than just a wavelength light skin treatment. It is designed to provide skin cells with the light energy they need to regenerate, giving the skin a natural contour. Celluma LED products can also target a variety of dermis imperfections, from facial fine lines to aging hands. Upon completing the treatment sessions, you will not only experience glowing skin, but they’ll look younger. 

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

LED device send light waves deep into the skin to trigger natural intracellular reactions. There are various light options, the most commonly used and effective are red and blue. Your will respond differently; Under the red light, your skin responds by building, strengthening, and maximizing cellular structure. In blue light, specific wavelengths stimulate the production of oxygen radicals that balance the skin microbiome.

The main benefit to Red Light therapy is post microneedling treatment. Combining LED Red light with the microneedling serum or radio frequency microneedling will enhance the inflammatory wound healing response and therefore the skin healing process to tighten and firm the skin, making it plumper and more youthful. 

The red infrared lights are used for fine lines and wrinkles. The blue led light is used to improve acne and prevent breakouts. Also, blue light penetrates deep to [treat] cystic acne,

The benefits of using LED Light Therapy with microneedling will be noticed after just one treatment, and they include:

Improvement of skin tone and texture

Reduction of pore size

Skin tightening and rejuvenation

Reduction of fine line and wrinkles

When it comes to ageing skin solutions, the quality of your skin can only be as good as the products you use. LED Light treatments such as Celluma are among the safest and most effective skin condition treatments. By sending light waves directly into the skin, LED Therapy triggers natural cell growth and regeneration.

Now you know more about led light therapy as another option to improving ageing skin, you could read about what works on improving your overall skin health.  RF Microneedling with mesotherapy serums, more notably how they work and what they can do for your ageing skin.


Ideal for...

For all skin concerns, for example, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, and blemishes. Stimulates collagen and is the best skin treatment for all skin rejuvenation needs. 

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Ideal for...

Skin that lacks tone and needs a lift, for example under chin fat reduction, saggy jawline and neck. 

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Ideal for...

Thin skin that needs tightening, for example, crepey neck creases on décolletage, crows feet and eyebrow lift.

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